Why Yael Gongjindan?

Characteristics of Gongjindan

No matter how good a medicine is, it must have good absorption. Yael Gongjindan has increased absorption through two fermentation processes along with high quality medicinal ingredients.

야엘 공진단
Potency of Yael Gongjinan

Best for rejuvenation, harmonizing the major organs, strengthening energy and blood, and preventing aging!

Gongjindan has been called one of the best herbal medicines since ancient times, even being  presented to the emperor of China.

Now, regain your youth with Yael Black Ginseng Fermented Gongjindan.

  • Improves high blood pressure
  • Liver function improvement
  • Diabetes Improvement
  • Stroke prevention
  • Chronic fatigue improvement
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve sexual function
  • Increased hangover recovery
  • Osteoporosis improvement
  • Anemia improvement
  • Improve concentration
  • Diet boost
  • Antioxidative effect
  • Improvement of menopausal syndrome
  • Cardiovascular disease improvement
  • Aging prevention
Core Ingredient

Civet Musk

Civit Musk helps blood circulation in the body, boosts central nervous system function, increases resistance to disease, and clears the mind.

The key to strengthening immunity and improving chronic fatigue

Yael Musk Gongjindan uses African "Civet Musk" to maximize the benefits.

Through clinical trials, "Civet Musk" has been proven to be more effective than regular musk.

"Civet Musk" began to be known when Sheba, the Queen of the Arabian Peninsula, gave it as a gift to Solomon, the third king of Israel. It is known to be very helpful.

야엘 공진단
Core Ingredient

Antler Tip Powder

The most effective part of the deer antler is the tip bone.

The tip bone is the softest part without ossification and contains the most important components of the ingredient, panthocrine and gangrioside.

The antler tip has excellent effects on growth promotion, brain development, and immunity enhancement.

prevents cancer ingredient is 57 times that of red ginseng

Black Ginseng

We manufacture black ginseng with 100% 6-year-old first-class genuine red ginseng.

Black ginseng is steamed and dried nine separate times!

Ginseng – This refers to white ginseng. White ginseng is just dried ginseng that has not been steamed.

Fresh Ginseng – Undried ginseng harvested from the ground

Red ginseng – Fresh ginseng steamed and dried by steam or other methods (usually, fresh ginseng is steamed at high pressure about once and has a red color)

Black ginseng – Like red ginseng, it is made by steaming and drying fresh ginseng nine times (gujeunggupo).

Black ginseng contains many active ingredients (several types of saponins) that do not exist in white or red ginseng. In particular, in the process of making black ginseng, adds fermenting bacteria that go well with black ginseng and by adding this fermentation process, maximizes various active ingredients that are very helpful to our body.

Additional Ingredients of Yael Gongjindan

1. Natural honey

Honey regulates cholesterol and is also excellent for gastrointestinal problems, preventing infections, preventing nausea, and weight loss.

2. Agarwood

Agarwood has long been effective in treating respiratory diseases such as asthma, inflammatory diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcers, and esophagitis, malignant tumors, strengthening male fertility, improving liver health, and helping sound sleep.

야엘 공진단

3. Sansuyu

Sansuyu improves kidney function, has a diuretic effect, and strengthens the kidneys to prevent and improve kidney diseases such as urinary incontinence and cystitis. It is also effective in preventing hyperglycemia due to diabetes.

4. Angelica Bark

Angelica improves blood flow, improves cardiovascular health, and lowers cholesterol. In addition, it has the effect of helping prevent menstrual irregularity, relieving menstrual pain, improving anemia, and anti-cancer benefits.