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Anti-Aging Prevention of aging, hypertension, improvement of brain function 바로구매
Osteoporosis Improvment It has an excellent effect in preventing and improving osteoporosis. 바로구매
Internal Organ Harmony Internal organ improvement helping gastrointestinal diseases and increases immunity. 바로구매
Vitality Improvement It is excellent for improving diabetes, sexual performance and fatigue recovery by reinforcing Qi and blood. 바로구매
Fatigue Recovery It restores vitality, relieves fatigue, and has an excellent effect on female diseases. 바로구매

What is Gongjindan?

Gongjindan’ is a herbal medicine derived from Seuideukhyobang, which was compiled based on an ancient medicine who’s recipe was handed down from generation to generation by Wi Yeok-rim, a famous medical scientist in the Yuan Dynasty.

Gongjindan, also known as the “Emperor’s Medicine” was quite popular among the imperial family. It is recorded in history that the remedy utilized deer antlers to help treat soldiers in the military. Angelica and Sanwooshu are also blended in to improve the constitution, nurture stamina, improve liver function, and facilitate the flow of Qi and blood throughout the body.

Effects of Yael Black Ginseng Fermentation in Gongjinin

Gongjindan has been referred to as one the best herbal medicinal treatments since ancient times, and was commonly used by the Emperor of China. You can now purchase this medicinal treatment for yourself in the United States. Be at your peak with Yael Gongjindan.

Best for rejuvenation, intestine health, reinforcing qi and blood health, and anti-aging effects!

  • Diabetes
  • Improving your sex life
  • Helps Prevent Cancer
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Anti Aging Effects
  • Better Brain Function
  • Helps Fatigue Recovery
  • Helps Osteoporosis
  • Anemia Improvement
  • Helps Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Boost Immunity
  • Good For Diets
  • Hangover Recovery

The Synergy of Black Ginseng and Russian Deer Velvet!

Black Ginseng helps prevent cancer57 times better than that of Red Ginseng.

Black ginseng is made with red ginseng using only 6-year-old first-grade genuine products.

Black ginseng repeats the steaming and drying process NINE times.

Ginseng – also known as white ginseng, is simply dried without steaming.

Fresh ginseng – Undried ginseng extracted from the ground

Red ginseng – Steamed fresh ginseng by steam or other methods, then cooked and dried

Black ginseng – Like red ginseng, fresh ginseng is steamed, steamed and dried nine times (gujeunggupo).

Black ginseng, which is steamed and dried 9 times, contains a lot of various active ingredients (several types of saponins) that do not exist in white ginseng and red ginseng. In particular, in the process of making black ginseng creates a type of fermented bacteria that when added, helps your body maximize the benefits you receive from consumption.

Yael Gongjindan prides itself on using only the best quality black ginseng.

Fresh Ginseng Standard ginseng after harvest that has not been steamed or dried.
White Ginseng White ginseng refers to the dried ginseng without steaming it.
Red Ginseng It is ginseng that has a red color by steaming or drying fresh ginseng once steamed.
Black Ginseng It is made by steaming fresh ginseng like red ginseng, but the steaming and drying its performed nine times.Colors range from dark brown to black.
Top Antler Tip
Upper Antler
Middle Antler
Low Antler

100% Cold Weather Antler Tip Powder

Cold weather deer antlers provide the best healing quality of all antlers and is the only antler Yael Gongjindan uses.

Deers live in many different climates with different efficacy, but among them, cold weather antler is the most effective.

This is because deer in very cold regions are usually large and the ossification rate of antlers is slow, the antlers grown are of the  highest of quality.

Deer antlers are most effective when the bone is powdered.

Deer antlers are most effective when in a powdered form. Among the parts of the antler, the tip bone is not ossified and is the softest part and contains the most important ingredients of antler, pantocrine and ganglioside.

Tip powder has excellent effects on growth promotion, brain development, and immunity enhancement.


Gongindan Ingrediens

Black ginseng meets Gongjindan! – We maximized the medical benefits effectz by adding black ginseng to Gongjindan.

Russian deer antler tip powder, black ginseng, aloes, angelica, cornflower oil, cinnamon honey.

100% Cold Weather Antler Velvet Cold weather antler velvet is called Wonyong, The tips are perfect for a medicinal powder that gives a multitude of medical benefits to the consumer. 구매하기
Agarwood Agarwood is an ancient plant that is commonly used to help tread respiratory diseases such as asthma, Inflammatory diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, and esophagitis malignant tumor treatment and enhancement of male fertility and improve liver health It has the effect of helping you sleep. 구매하기
Cornelian Cherry Che cornelian cherry works as a diuretic by making the kidney function smoothly, and by strengthening the kidneys, it prevents and improves resistance to kidney diseases such as urinary incontinence and cystitis. It is also effective in preventing high blood sugar symptoms due to diabetes. 구매하기
Natural Honey Honey helps regulate cholesterol. Many studies have proven that honey is a good ingredient that can help control high cholesterol levels. It is also excellent for relieving gastrointestinal problems, preventing infections, preventing nausea and losing weight. 구매하기
Black Ginseng Black ginseng, which gets its color and name from the the nine-step steaming and drying process, contains a lot of various active ingredients that do not exist in white and red ginseng. It holds about 57 times the amount of anti-cancer ingredients than that of red ginseng! 구매하기
Angelica Root Angelica Acutiloba Radix has the effect of improving blood flow, helping cardiovascular health and lowering cholesterol. In addition, it has the effect of improving menstrual irregularities, relieving menstrual pain, improving anemia, and having anticancer effects. 구매하기


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